Who's Who in Whoville

We have a lot of fun in the Adirondacks, and here are some of the people you'll meet if you come and join us.

Helen - BIG BOSS (BB)

She loves her tractor!  (This is not work.  Any excuse will do!)  Most of the time she is the one that does the reservations, bookkeeping, correspondence, shopping, and planning.  When she was younger she did lots of the physical work.  Now she has a wonderful crew that has taken over most of the heavy work except you can still see her mowing with the riding tractor.  It's tractors that she loves!  Any size will do!


Kelley (Tina) is the 5th generation to work at Lake Paradox Club.  She and her husband, Jess,  moved here permanently in 2014 into a newly built house on River Road.   As well as raising daughter, Gwen, she does the book keeping, reservations, bills and care takes the gardens on the property.  Her large vegetable garden at the Redhouse produces enough to sell produce at Lake Paradox Club and to make enough pickles and salsa to last until the next year.  You may see her running the streets of Severance/Schroon Lake as she is an avid runner.  

Danielle - Jack of all trades, master of none???

Ever wonder who that was scurrying in and out of your house doing who knows what?  It's HER!  She's a lot of fun, and takes great pictures, too.  Some day maybe we will get one of HER... that shows more than her head!  We send her into all the really small places.  (Provided there are no mice or olives!)  Without her Lake Paradox Club would fall apart. 


Jess moved here in 2014 with Kelley/Tina to start living life in the country and to learn a whole new trade.  He is our maintenance supervisor and has learned how to fix all kinds of things on the property, build adirondack chairs, learn wiring and building and plow during the winter.  Married into Lake Paradox Club, he has had to learn how to think quick on his feet to resolve any amount of problems that caretaking our large property has thrown at him. You may call him for renting boats, fixing a running toilet or resolving a bat problem.  

Kelley - Massage Therapist

Kelley is a fifth generation member of the family and Severance's first and  only licensed massage therapist.   So when you need to really relax and get rid of those aches and pains, call Kelley!  She also does wonderful gardening work, leaf blowing, baking, and all types of miscellaneous chores around the property. (And she's death on baby pine trees!)

Tony/Kyle - Flunky kid

If we are lucky Tony / Kyle will be back doing odd jobs, landscaping, garbage collection, moving boats, and even some bookwork. He is a junior at SUNY Albany this year where he is majoring in psychology and criminal justice.  We hope he will be back at Lake Paradox Club for the Summer of 2015 to lend his talents and personality.

Jess and Kelley Waleski

Kelley (Tina") is a 6th Generation Lake Paradox Clubber. She is married to Jess Waleski (pictured here with her) and in 2013 their son, Jackson Waleski was born.  You will see a lot of these two  in 2015 as they will have moved back to Severance to occupy their new house, "Back Beyond" at 79 river Road.  Be sure to introduce yourselves to them.   (At last another generation to take over!) 

Kasey - Webmaster (hides a lot)

Yep, if it's wrong on here, you get to blame me - whereas, I have the wonderful position of being able to pass the buck and blame KEN!  don't ya love it!!! 

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