Our Staff

Who's Who in Whoville

We have a lot of fun in the Adirondacks, and here are some of the people you'll meet if you come and join us.

Helen - Big Boss (BB)

Helen is more behind the scenes these days. She still does some book keeping, reservations and correspondence, but she has moved on to a more relaxed life now that Kelley and Jess have taken on the day to day tasks. She enjoys visits from guests and sharing stories about the houses and summers on Paradox.  These days you will probably find her with her nose stuck in a book, enjoying one of her favorite past times.

Kelley (Tina) - Management

Kelley (Tina) is the 5th generation to work at Lake Paradox Club.  She and her husband, Jess,  moved here permanently in 2014 into a newly built house on River Road.   As well as raising daughter, Gwen, she does the book keeping, reservations, bills and care takes the gardens on the property.  Her large vegetable garden at the Redhouse produces enough to sell produce at Lake Paradox Club and to make enough pickles and salsa to last until the next year.  You may see her running the streets of Severance/Schroon Lake as she is an avid runner.

Danielle - Head of Housekeeping

Danielle has been with us for over 30 years. Right hand woman to Helen, she has helped with almost every kind of job on the property. Without her,  Lake Paradox Club would fall apart.  We depend on her to keep an eye on everything happening on the property and to supervise all of our cleaners during changeovers.  As soon as the snow melts, you will find her zipping around on her golf cart and should you require something for your house, she will surely find it.  Always great for a laugh and a good time, she is truly part of the Lake Paradox Club family.  

Jess - Maintenance Supervisor

Jess moved here in 2014 with Kelley/Tina to start living life in the country and to learn a whole new trade.  He is our maintenance supervisor and has learned how to fix all kinds of things on the property, build Adirondack chairs, learn wiring and building and plow during the winter.  Married into Lake Paradox Club, he has had to learn how to think quick on his feet to resolve any amount of problems that caretaking our large property has thrown at him. You may call him for renting boats or fixing an issue that may occur during your stay.

Kelley - Massage Therapist

Kelley is a fifth generation member of the family and Severance's first and only licensed massage therapist. So when you need to really relax and get rid of those aches and pains, call Kelley! She also does wonderful gardening work, leaf blowing, baking, and all types of miscellaneous chores around the property. (And she's death on baby pine trees!)

Kasey (Kasey's Place) - Pet Sitter

Want to go on a hike or day trip? Contact Kasey to watch your four-legged family members while you are away. She is also available to run errands or shop if needed.