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Lake Paradox Club is nestled in the pristine beauty of the Adirondacks, and with that backdrop, we have a lot of fun and good times with friends and family.  Here are memories we've captured to share with you.

Photo Credits

Photos on this and the site been taken or contributed by:  Pam Hageny, Ron Melchers, John Christian Hageny, Nancy Bovey, Joe Giampino Sr., Danielle Swinton, Dan Sheley, Helen Wildman, and Kasey DeVita. 

If you have a photo on these sites for which you have not received credit, please drop us a note on our "Comments" page.  Please note:  We HAPPILY accept guest submissions for our photo galleries on this site, and for our guest pages at  Most of our best photos of the area have been submitted by those who stay with us.

Photos: Views of Lake from Lake Parado

Boats by LPC Beach (Photo Courtesy of Danielle Swinton)
Waking up in Paradise (Photo Courtesy of Danielle Swinton)
Relaxing view from Adirondack chair on LPC Beach. (Photo Courtesy of Kelley Head)
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