Additional Charges

Additional Charges

In addition to basic charges you will be billed on departure for rental items such as motorboat, sailboat, life preservers (PFDs), linens, blankets, etc.

Taxes:  there is a 5% Essex County occupancy tax on your rent.

Extra People

Our rates are for six or fewer people in a house. Children under three years of age are not counted. There is a $20 per night or $100 per week charge per person per night for those in excess of six. Please advise us if you have more than six people.


Pets are welcome in all houses except Breezes, but they must pay their share. Pet fee (non refundable) is $25.00 per animal for the length of your stay. If your pet does any damage, there will be additional charges. You must bring proof of current rabies vaccination.

Dogs must be leashed at all times and are not permitted on the beach You are responsible for scooping!

Kasey, our pet sitter, walks dogs and can watch them for you if you are going on a trip.


Electricity is separately metered for each house. You will be billed at checkout for the amount of electricity you have used during your stay. The average family can expect to pay about $25 to $35 per week depending on use.


Non-recyclable garbage is billed at our cost of 20 cents per pound.


Firewood is billed at our cost for the amount you use. We charge our cost which is currently $25 per load of 30 pieces.

Rental Items

Linens  $30/ bed
- Includes, fitted and top sheet, pillowcase(s), 2 blankets, set of towels/wash cloth and kitchen hand towels.

Blankets:  $5 per extra blanket.

Crib/High Chair:  $10 each

Boat Rentals

Motorboats (Outboard 6HP/ 14ft Boat):  $60/day/ $260/week

Sunfish:  $75/week

Canoe:  $20/day/ $50/week

Kayak:  Single or double $10/day/$50/week

PFD's:  $1.00 ea for the length of stay