Now Reserving Summer 2019

We are now taking reservations for our 2020 summer season.
Dates 6/27-9/5. Reservations are changing quickly, so check back often.

Current Availabilities for Summer 2020:

Cherrybank:   9/7 onwards $201/day
Minglewood:  9/7 onwards $201/day
Tuckaway:   9/12 onwards $175/day
Ripple Bay:  9/6 onwards $195/day 
Mirror Cove:  9/10 onwards $195/day 
Fernwood: 8/22-8/29 $1875/wk; 8/29-9/5 $1410/wk; 9/5 onwards $201/day
Pinebrook:8/15-8/22 $1725/wk; 9/5 onwards $185/day
Westward: 8/22-8/29 $1675/wk; 9/5 onwards $190/day
Breezes: 9/5 onwards $201/day
Eastward: 9/5 onwards $190/day
Lakemont: 8/22-8/29 $1875/wk; 9/5 onwards $201/day
Birches:  8/22-8/29 $950/week; 8/29-9/5 $725/ week 
Please note, if there is a special request and you do not see it listed, please call (518) 532-7734 or email to see if it is available or to be put on a waitlist.

Winter 2020-2021: Breezes, Westward and Birches Available

Only Breezes, Westward and Birches open.

Breezes:  $250 per day; Westward $230 per day; Birches $115 per day

Spring Bookings 2020

(Note: Summer Houses Open May 22, 2020)

Our 25% off rates apply from  May 15 to June 20th 2020.

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